Special limited edition full-color tapping book for kids, with audio CD narrated by Kim Ryder, and bonus sing-along songs!

I Can Change The Way I Feel

Tapping For Kids

I Can Change the Way I Feel is an empowering and beautifully illustrated paperback or digital flipbook for children by Kim Ryder that shows them how to:

  • Change how they feel when they are stressed
  • Learn what to do when they feel bad
  • Overcome any problem or difficulty they are experiencing
  • Feel better using a simple tapping process
  • Learn how to calm anxiety
  • Help them feel safe and secure, calm and relaxed, loved and supported so they will talk and listen
  • Be more productive
  • Accomplish more
Tapping for kids - Breakthrough Mindsets

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Tapping for kids - Breakthrough Mindsets

I Can Change The Way I Feel

Interactive Flipbook for PC and MAC

This tapping book for children’s includes a specially recorded CD version of the book with music, song and learning how to tap, it is designed to build confidence and is a personal empowerment tool for health and wellbeing. This simple and effective process can help with all sorts of issues from stress, bad dreams, worries about school, illness, fears, anxiety and other childhood trauma’s.

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It is awesome – for adults and children! So easy to follow and refer to, if you happen to forget what your practitioner asked you to do! So simple for a “tapping beginner”! Kudos, Kim!

Merlene Treuhaft

Awesome video – love you two :)))) love love love your new book Kim :)))

‪Victoria Susan Leigh‬‬

Got my copy of Kim Ryder’s children’s book. What a joy!

Michelle van Andel

You will love it! I read mine and just wanted to hug Kim. I had already taught my oldest grandson to tap and with amazing results.

Carol Ann