Breakthrough Thinking Negative Thoughts.

Get a breakthrough thinking negative thoughts. The results of negative thinking versus positive thinking are very different. However, it is not always easy to get rid of negative thoughts. For example, the power of the word “I” can trap us in fear and it can also free us. Usually, we’re trapped by the stories that we tell ourselves:

I can’t do that.
I’m too, tired, stressed, broke, fat.
I don’t have enough, time, energy, training, experience.
I’m too upset because, and we fill in the blank.

Therefore, the problem is that every time that we start a sentence with I, we are declaring something is true for us. For example, if we say I don’t have enough money, we are sending that thought directly to the universe and saying,  make it come true!

Just like a butterfly in a closed box, we can’t see a way out. How do we free the butterfly?
Instead of getting trapped in the cycle of negativity, turn your focus on nurturing the beauty of the butterfly within you. When you allow your beauty to be activated the walls of the box fall away naturally because there is nothing to hold them up.

Positive and Negative Thinking

Change Is Doing Something Different

Do something completely new and different! Practice stepping through fear, and feed your curiosity and excitement instead of fearfulness. Practice being courageous and believing in yourself.  When you do this, Your affirmations become:

I can do this!
I am powerful!
I choose to!
I prefer to!
I support myself and I’m supported by the universe.

By nurturing trust in yourself, you invite a lifetime of joyful experiences and the butterfly within is free. It’s important to remember thinking positively and negatively create the same amount of energy and power,  one can harm you and one can heal you. One creates more positive outcomes and the other creates more negative outcomes. Is your choice.

Develop Your Awareness

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