How to Overcome Negative Thinking

In this Brain Training, I’m going to show you three steps that you can use to How to Overcome Negative Thinking. Let’s do it!

One of the problems with negative thinking is that these negative thoughts can become automatic. There is nothing worse than beating yourself with constant automatic negative thoughts, always thinking the worst, catastrophizing. We actually get addicted to this neurotic way of thinking. Negative thinking leads to depression, worry, stress, fear, and anxiety. As a result, we don’t do anything about it. Don’t worry, it’s all just conditioning, and you can overcome negative thinking and recondition your internal dialog in a short amount of time.

Hey, my name is Dave Ryder from Breakthrough, I’m a Breakthrough Mindset Specialist, Mind Setter, and Neuro-Programmer. I’ve worked with thousands of clients and groups helping others to tap into a new state of mind so they can change and love their life.

Negative thinking leads to negative communicating and is a huge burden to other people. It drains not only your energy but the energy in other people. It can lead to conflict, arguments, and can create a me vs. you, or me vs. the world mindset which is a completely different energy. Negative thinking can be a seriously addictive habit that you can breakthrough and in doing that, experience tremendous freedom.

Regular negative thinking sets your mind up to seek out and find the negative patterns to validate and confirm what you’ve been telling yourself. Then slowly, all of a sudden, your life seems to fill up with more negativity. We produce it, attract it, and project it. But, the opposite is true as well when you practice positive, useful, relevant, helpful, encouraging thinking.

How to Overcome Negative Thinking - Breakthrough Mindsets

So, here’s what you need to do:

Number 1. Become aware of how much of your thinking is negative. We have between 50 and 70,000 thoughts a day and most of them aren’t really creative new thoughts, they are habituated affirmations that we keep repeating to ourselves to remind ourselves of how we are supposed to view the world. One great way to do this is to just go grab a tally counter over at office depot for 5 bucks and start counting your negative thoughts. You’ll be amazed, it’s a real eye-opener.

Number 2. Start to see your thoughts as just thoughts. They aren’t real or true, they are just thoughts. You aren’t controlled by your thoughts, you create them in the first place. Take responsibility and own your thoughts. No one else on the planet knows your thoughts or can think for you, that’s your job. If you don’t believe that, you’ve just discovered where you need to start.

Number 3. Begin to evaluate every negative thought and begin eliminating the ones that are not relevant, helpful or useful to the situation. It’s called “mind trash”. Get rid of it as soon as possible. Ask yourself, is the thought helping you move forward in the direction of your goals, or away from them? Does that thought make you feel good or bad? Does it boost your energy or drain your energy? Remember that negative thoughts are not evil, they are just negative thoughts.

So, head over to Home Depot and grab your tally counter and start counting. If you don’t know what a tally counter is, here’s one right here. Just hit the link below in the description if you want to order one online. Don’t worry if you get a sore thumb from pushing the button so much; mine almost fell off the first time I did this! Keep track of your numbers for seven days and notice what happens by simply becoming aware, and let me know in the comments below.

Being in control of your thoughts can be a challenge, and it takes some practice and patience, but once you get the hang of it, there’s no stopping you! You are the creator of your thoughts, they don’t control you. This will allow you to have a better attitude that others will love as well. You’ll start to see the world in a different way. You’ll free your mind up to appreciate and enjoy more of life while having more fun. What this is really about is having fun being the best version of yourself.

You’ll avoid creating stress as a result of communicating with yourself in a way that you love, and that will become automatic with practice.

Once you break that old habit of negative thinking, you’ll feel better about yourself; others will like you more, you’ll start to see things in a new way, and see opportunities that you couldn’t see before. Your blood pressure can go down, your face can look younger, without a facelift! Your family will be held to a higher standard and quality of life.

Keep your eyes and ears on our channel for more Brain Training ways to change your mind and love your life.

I’d love to hear about your results with the Tally Counter in the comments below. Thanks for watching, be Brilliant!

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