Discover How to Design and Create Your Ultimate Life
by Mastering Your Mindset

Professional Mindset Speakers Dave Ryder and Kim Ryder

Experience Dave and Kim’s One-Of-A-Kind Mastering Your Mindset Program.
Their message of hope and inspiration is that everyone can have the life they desire by changing their mindsets.

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Master Your Mindset – Change Your Life

Shifting personal focus to what really matters through The Mastering Your Mindset Program.
New results for entrepreneurial leadership, more influence, productivity, performance, and wealth creation.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn how to dissolve stress quickly.
  • Ignite smarter, healthier, and happier people.
  • Tap into the source of engaged, productive states.

What to Expect

Your audience will discover the power of mindsets through fun, entertaining true stories of real-life breakthroughs. They will walk away with the breakthrough mindsets framework that will shatter the invisible barriers and empower them to reach new heights both personally and professionally.  The audience will learn the secrets to igniting inspiration that leads to growth, productivity, and innovation.

Breakthrough Mindsets - Neuroscience at Work.

Why It’s Important 

The critical factors for organizations health and wellness include having the ability to leverage EQ, mindfulness, and happiness. Breakthrough Mindsets provides the framework to enrich businesses all the way to the bottom line. It’s become increasingly important to create happier and healthier people that come together with a cohesive teamwork mindset that increases productivity. Your audience will explore and identify the root causes of why and how they limit their potential, and then begin making the most important breakthroughs.

Invite Dave and Kim to your event


If you would like to talk with Dave & Kim about making your next event special
call 503-862-9107 or send us an email

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“What does Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness, and Happiness have in common? Nothing, until you’ve seen Dave and Kim Ryder present “Breakthrough Mindsets!”

Kevin McCarthy, NSA President 2018

“Dave and Kim have presented here 4 times and they will be back.”

Jeff Nash, Executive Director of Habilitat

“You guys are the real deal. Thank you for making our event successful. The feedback has been terrific!”

Samantha, Event Planner

“They were right, my boss did thank me right after their presentation.”

Abigail, Planning -Coordinator