Stop Negative Thinking – It’s Harming Your Health!

Thoughts are powerful, and we literally become what we think! Our thoughts shape our reality, circumstances, and situations. Our body is the humble servant of the mind, and every thought creates a response in our body.

Whether we are aware of it or not, the body obeys the thought waves in the mind. It’s important to know that our habits, behaviors and automatic reactions, live inside our cells, muscle tissue and central nervous system. Unhealthy negative thoughts affect the health of the body, and constant negativity will wear out the body. Negative thoughts are at the root of disease. Healthy thoughts produce the opposite effect, bringing about vibrant health, vitality, youthfulness, and beauty.

Negative thinking is a process where people tend to focus on the worse possible scenarios or see the worst in every situation. Continual negative thinking is a developed skill and thoughts of fear, envy, ill-will, and cynicism will trap a person in a self-made prison cell in their own mind.

Changing Our Negative Thinking!

So how do we change what we are doing inside our own mind and stop negative thinking?

We bring our attention to the thoughts that are active right now! What are the thoughts you are dwelling on? Is what you are thinking relative to your current concerns, judgments, and opinions or are you dwelling on some past event or anticipating some future event?

Then ask yourself: What story I’m I telling myself about that?

The story you’re telling yourself is what’s keeping you stuck in the same old patterns, and the more you think this way, the more evidence you’ll accumulate to support this negative state of mind.

Making a Conscious Shift!

Beliefs are built on this kind of repetitive thinking and become rooted in the subconscious mind to play automatically if we don’t pay attention. By paying attention to what we are thinking and believing the story we are keeping alive and our reactions to it, only then can we start making a conscious shift into new thinking.

If we allow ourselves to hold onto old patterns of fear, anxiety, and worry, we limit our ability to access higher brain functions. This will affect our health and life experiences.

One thing for certain nothing good was ever achieved by continuing to think negative thoughts as it won’t change the outcomes or solve the problem.

Albert Einstein sums this up when he said: We can’t seek to solve problems within the same mindset that created them.

The good news is, we can certainly change our results by changing how we think and how we react because what we embody becomes our way of being.