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How to Stop the Silent Killer (Part 5)

Stress isn’t mysterious anymore. Beating stress is not luck, magic, or not rocket science, it’s mind science. We don’t have stress, we do stress, and it can become a hazardous habit to your income, health and relationships. There are extremely powerful ways of controlling stress, healing, and experiencing a higher quality of life.

Three Types of Stress

The three primary types of stress are physical, chemical, and emotional. There are many ways to experience stress relief physically, chemically, and emotionally, and some you may already know about, including:

  • The power of being in nature.
  • Eat a healthy diet and stay hydrated by sipping water throughout the day.
  • Keeping a journal or diary and writing down your thoughts and feelings.
  • Being more physically active, making time for regular exercise.
  • Begin to practice a relaxation technique; yoga, meditation, deep breathing.
  • Get extra sleep and take a 20-minute power nap every day.
  • Reduce your load, learn how to say “no”, and avoid producing unnecessary stress.
  • Do a fun activity you enjoy that you’ve been putting off.

The Mindset Power Tools You May Not Know About

In this article we are going to talk about mindset stress relief power tools that you can use to Stop the Silent Killer, stress.

In order for you to do that, it is important to have an understanding of what stress is, where it comes from, and some of the many ways we create it. If you haven’t seen the first 4 parts, just hit the link below so you can enjoy watching those as well.

Let’s do this!

Understanding Stress

Remember, stress isn’t something we have or get. Stress is something we do. It’s something we produce. It’s an internal result that we produce. It’s no accident and we are not broken or defective.  We learn how to produce stress and emotions and we do it successfully.

Stress Relief Techniques - Stop the Silent Killer - Breakthrough Mindsets

Because we are living in a time in the world right now, unlike any time in the history of man and womankind, where change is accelerating, it’s more important than ever before to have stress relief.  It all starts in the mind. We want to learn how to not just cope with negative stress or manage it, but how to stop it, eliminate it, and control it.

The Best Stress Relief Techniques work because they change how the mind creates stress. These techniques don’t just give us temporary relief from stress.  These techniques help us to learn how to use the mind in a different way.

The Most Effective Way to Address Stress

One of the best ways to address stress in a way that will impact every area of your life is to address your “stuff”.  You know the stuff I’m talking about, the baggage, the skeletons in the closet, the fears, worries, anxieties, phobias, triggers and negative automatic reactions to people, places, and situations.

This is at the heart of learning about yourself, self-discovery, and self-learning. When we find a better way to look at things and something that makes sense, we learn from our experiences and change how we see ourselves through those experiences. This is how to change the way you’ve been creating your own stress.

Breakthrough Sessions

One of the coolest things that we offer at Breakthrough Mindsets is our Breakthrough Session, because we do the heavy lifting for you.  You don’t have to figure it out yourself, nor would you want to.  We all lose objectivity about our own problems and it’s always faster to make these changes with a trained guide to help you traverse the obstacles.

You’ve got better things to do, so leave that to us. You don’t have to know what to do, we handle all of that for you.  We keep track of your progress and give you homework for implementation and lasting changes.  We are your guides for making amazing changes to your subconscious mind.  Your subconscious mind is already working for you, we just want it working harder for you, taking you in the right direction.

One of the other power tools we use in sessions is what we call Breakthrough Tapping.Tapping has been in the media and news more and more recently as we have proven and can provide significant results when nothing else could come close.

We didn’t just learn to tap by watching a YouTube video last week. We’ve been working with our clients for over 10 years developing our own breakthrough tapping system. We also run a successful clinic in the Portland area. You can check out Total Integrated Therapy and Breakthrough Mindsets online right here.

What is tapping?

Tapping is a physical activity that you do where you tap on your head or other places on your body.  With Breakthrough Tapping, we use the power of your focused intent to change the mind.

While meridian style tapping like eft, emotional freedom technique, and other variations of tapping leverage the bodies energy meridian systems, Breakthrough tapping is different.  We leverage the brain’s tremendous transformation powers of attention, focus, intention, and neuroplasticity to bridge the gap between what the mind perceives, all of that “stuff” inside that we do to ourselves, and what the body expresses as a reaction physically in the real world.

Tapping is something we do that is physical and tangible to change what we have and do in the mind. It is invisible, abstract, and intangible. It connects the mind and the body. We help you change your mind and love your life.

Breakthrough Tapping is something you can do that is extremely powerful.  It’s a mindset power tool and a spiritual power tool that brings us back into the present moment to change how we use our conscious mind, and also change what we have stored in the subconscious mind. Then our thoughts, feelings, and perceptions become more productive naturally, as we let go of our limited negative mindsets, and default emotional reactions. We literally tap into a new state of mind.

This is how to change your mind, break chronic stress habits and patterns. It’s how to take control of the mind and reprogram it to work for you, not against you. It’s how you change the way your mind thinks about pain.

Breakthrough Tapping is a simple, yet powerful tool to change the subconscious programs that drive thoughts, beliefs, feelings, attitudes, behaviors, and all the limiting and negative results we produce and experience.

Breakthrough Tapping

With Breakthrough Tapping you can change the old outdated subconscious programs in your mind that create stress and all those stress symptoms. It can break through the limitations and self-sabotage that can keep you from the success you want and deserve.

Not everyone has painful traumas from the past, but if you do, not a problem.  Those traumas can be easily addressed for good, leaving you to feel empowered with insight and understanding.

We’ve seen relationships on the brink of divorce turn around after just a few sessions (when nothing else helped). We’ve helped people break through their financial barriers and earn more money than they imagined. We’ve seen people go from suffering from chronic pain to experiencing tremendous freedom in hours, not months or years.

So, if you struggle with finances, relationships, or deep negative beliefs that have been difficult to change, give it a try. You have nothing to lose except your struggle, and you have a whole new life to gain.

What are we letting go of?

Great question!  We are letting go of any distortions in our perception, emotional reactions to our thinking, or limiting beliefs, outdated and incomplete experiences from the past, anything that is unnecessary, irrelevant, or not useful for where you are going in your life.

Since most of the problems we have don’t come from what we don’t know in life, career, relationships, finance, and health, many of the problems we have come from what we know that isn’t so. We want to let that go or unlearn it as fast as possible. We use Breakthrough sessions for that.

Even “low levels” of negative stress for long periods is harmful. When your stress level is in the “medium” range then your mood, productivity, and relationships have already taken a toll.  If your stress levels are “high”, then you are doing damage to your mind and your body.

At The Heart of Every Known Human Issue

Negative emotional stress has been buried at the heart of nearly every known human issue.  Just as an eyeball can’t see itself, you need an expert eye outside that can see clearly where you are, where you want to go and help you get there.

Make a choice right now to break your habit of seeking instant gratification, quick fixes, pharmaceuticals or any mood-altering activity for temporary relief. Discover what it is in your business or life that is incomplete, off track, or out of alignment and take steps to complete your unfinished business. A better quality of life starts in the mind with awareness.  You can make new choices about how you want things to be when you solve the right problems.  Compulsive relief seeking behavior goes away. After all, we become driven to seek relief from coping with high levels of stress.

Replace the habit of focusing on what you don’t want, with a focus that will take you in the right direction.  The right focus will take help you grow to be who you want to be, meet your needs, and make your life work better.

Knowledge is Not Power. What You Do With Knowledge, That’s Power!

Remember, just talking about the importance of controlling stress and changing stress habits is only head knowledge. It’s taking action that will drive this incredibly useful information into a higher quality of life for you. Taking action is what will make the difference.  Unless you take action to change, nothing changes.

Stress is a symptom, it’s not the cause of problems in life. The real cause of your stress is unique to you. If you want help or an expert guide, then click the button below. We can help.  Just take the first step.

I hope you enjoyed this series.  We’d like to hear from you, please leave a comment below.

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