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What They Don’t Want You to Know

Today we are going to talk about Stress Relief Techniques to combat what “they”, big industry, don’t want you to know about stress.

Our habits make us easy targets, and companies take advantage of our habits and what we are doing to ourselves all the time.

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Stress and Pain are Now Trillion Dollar Industries

Consider for a moment how much money is made in the economy from stress symptoms that we produce. It’s staggering. It’s not just insurance companies and big drug dealing companies.  We are talking Billions and Billions of hard earned dollars going right into the pockets of all kinds of big industry, all because of what we do or don’t do to ourselves on a daily basis. It’s not their fault, it’s our habits. When we become aware of what we are doing, then we have a choice.

I want to give you some ideas to think about regarding how we get caught up in it all. To think about what that drives us to compulsively to seek temporary relief solutions from others outside of ourselves, and give away our resources again and again without ever resolving a problem.

If there is a way to mood alter negative emotional stress sates and feelings, and make a profit, guaranteed you’ll find tons of large companies competing to fill our habitual addictive needs. It’s this outward focused conditioning that feels “familiar” and “normal”that drives tens of millions of people every day to spend their money on those products and services.  Unfortunately, unless you break the grip of these habits, this will continue to be the case.

When Stress is High, Business is Good (Always)

Our own mental conditioning to cope with stress drives massive profits for business.

It’s what drives people to Facebook, and put junk food into their body’s, and  watch hours of TV everyday.

How we create stress and how we cope with stress are learned behaviors. We are being conditioned continuously in all media, all the time.

Where do most people learn about health? That’s right, from pharmaceutical companies. Who funds and directs every medical university in America? That’s right, these big drug pushing companies have it all worked out, creating an absolute fortune for themselves, while intentionally creating an absolute epidemic unlike anything we’ve ever seen before in history.  Buying into their solutions is marketing propaganda that is making our country poor, fat, stupid, and lazy. Some people would rather others deal with their problems. Let’s face it, being a host takes less effort and energy. But what does it cost in terms of happiness and fulfillment in life?

Respond Appropriately

Granted there are times when we need medicine or medical help. But, starting individually, we can stop knee jerk reacting and refuse to give our resources away to feel better or wait to see what they can do for us.

When you feel stressed don’t just go for the snacks, drinks, and entertainment. Regulate yourself. Learn how to automatically release your stress and emotions yourself. Then eat, drink, or entertain for the right reasons. You shop because you need an outfit, not because there is a sale that you can’t pass up. You have a drink because it’s available and you like the taste, not because it gives you “fake” courage, or makes you comfortable in your own insecurity. You eat because it’s fuel for the body, not because you’re stressed and the only way to feel better is to be distracted by the rush of what you put in your mouth.

People that get in the habit of spending their money on quick fixes like shopping, eating, drinking, or smoking create even more stress because they are creating dependencies and financial liabilities instead of assets.

Break the Cycle

Biologically what happens is that our physical body gets chemically addicted to both, the stress we produce on a regular basis, and the temporary relief we get from what we use to control our moods.

It’s kind of a self perpetuating reward system for suppressing symptoms. We get stressed out, we feel bad, we look for relief, and get stressed out again. With chronic stress, the body will biologically and physically get addicted to the chemicals we produce when we are stressed.  Cell receptor sites in the body responsible for vitamin and nutrient absorption begin to be replaced with receptor sites for all those chronic stress hormones.  Eventually, as cells replicate, there are not enough cell receptor sites for the life giving, energy producing good stuff that we need to thrive.  And more receptor sites for the stress chemicals that we’ve gotten in the habit of producing on a regular basis.

At this point, it doesn’t matter how good our diet is because we don’t have enough good receptors to absorb the vitamins or nutrients that we eat. All that money we spend on organic healthy food and vitamins goes right down the tube, sort of speak.

Then those very receptors begin to signal the brain to produce more stress hormones when we aren’t producing enough stress.  Seems crazy, I know!, but this is how it works. Cells that rely on harmful chemicals to function, will trigger your body to create more stress.

Quick Fixes and Instant Gratification Can Wreck Freedom

We produce intoxicating chemicals, like dopamine’s, and endorphin’s, when we experience that “relief” from the quick fix.  (That’s the chemical junk food we use to cope.) Every time it’s like getting a little shot of heroin.  The same thing happens to our receptors when we crave the chemical dope our body releases from instant gratification behaviors, mental fantasies, and rituals.  Our body will keep the cycle going, driving our behavior automatically, so we don’t go through withdrawals.

So, it can become a never ending, constant stream of one addictive behavior to the next.

Can you see how this cycle can perpetuate stress and stress chemicals in the body? So what we do or don’t do with diet and nutrition can cause stress physically.

Now, every negative or positive thought, picture or word we speak produces chemicals in the body.  These in turn send message the entire body, and starts a cause and effect chain of events that can be felt physically.

Negative thoughts lead to quick fix behaviors that become habit. Then our brain will link temporary relief to the negative thought, images, or feelings.

That’s the built in reward system. We think negative thoughts, feel stressed, and go reward ourselves with sugar, entertainment, shopping, drugs, some other quick fix pleasure.

You Can’t Blame Yourself, Your Parents or Genetics

If your parents knew how they created stress they wouldn’t have done it and you wouldn’t be here now. None of us were taught these skills growing up.

We didn’t know any better and were led to believe that stress comes from other people and situations outside of us. Just like the pharmaceutical companies lead us to believe that depression is a Prozac deficiency.

There are no billion dollar pharmaceutical drug dealer companies out there that want you to stop taking medication.  They won’t force you to control stress because you’d make better decisions, wouldn’t need to “cope” anymore to get by, and you’d stop wasting your money on junk to anesthetize yourself and the symptoms.

It’s time for you to take your control back and take care of yourself in a better way.

For Those Looking for a Better Way

We create a lot stress and emotions when we feel stuck giving our trust and power away to things that don’t solve our problems.  In stead of give our attention and resources away when we feel uncomfortable and rely on others for our best interests, we need to practice using our mind in a way that works better. This means that, all of that can change, and you can transform your life.

Transformation doesn’t happen when you suppress what’s going on, or rely on others to feel better. It happens when you rise above your current situation and tap into a new state of mind.

At Breakthrough Mindsets, we want to show you how to change your mind about these things that keep you stuck, and put you back in control of your life .

To help you get started, make sure to watch the next video in this series: Stress Relief Techniques – How to Stop The Silent Killer.

We’ll see you then!

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