Stress Relief Techniques – Where Does Stress Come From? Part 2

Stress relief techniques – Where does stress come from? If we don’t know, then we don’t have awareness. If we aren’t aware, then we render ourselves without choice, we lose control, and can end up conditioning our minds to work agains ourselves. This video continues from part 1, and dives down into the origins of where stress comes from. WARNING: If you enjoy being a victim stressing out or getting burned out, do NOT read further or watch the video!

Looking for stress relief hacks or stress relief techniques that make sense?

Wondering why we have so much stress after knowing how dangerous stress is? Wondering what others that don’t experience much stress have that you don’t? Ever ask yourself why stress comes right back after certain relaxation and stress relief techniques? If you already know that stress is such a huge problem, why are most of the things we know about stress relief completely wrong?

Where does all of this stress come from?

In this video, we’re going to discuss where stress comes from, and some of the most important ingredients to solutions that actually work. I not only talk about how to use your brain in a new way but also some of the most useful and profoundly practical ways to deal with stress. You’ll discover the most destructive things that you’re doing right now that you can easily change to make a huge difference in lowering stress.

Stress Relief Techniques That Work

If you are tired of finding stress relief techniques that are only temporary.

If you want to learn what the source of emotional stress is and why we condition ourselves to carry such high levels of stress. Then this is the video to watch.

NOTE: Make sure to have something to write down your answers to the questions in this video.

Control Stress, Don’t Manage it!

Before we can control stress, we need to know what it is and where it comes from. After watching this video, you’ve probably written down and discovered some ways that you are producing stress. If you answered yes to any of these questions, don’t sweat it! We’ve been there, and can say with certainty, that you can absolutely turn it all around, no matter what your situation is.

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Control and eliminate the causes of negative stress and live a truly healthy and fulfilling life!

Remember this: When you are feeling overwhelmed, discouraged, confused, overworked with no end in sight, and you lack drive, inspiration, and motivation, it can be confusing and scary.  If you feel like that, then its time to get excited and celebrate because it means you are finally in the right place to do something about it and make some changes that really matter.

Don’t miss the next article and video where we’re going to dive in deeper into the REAL cause of stress.