Stress Relief Therapy

Learn to beat the cycle of stress with our stress relief therapy tools and techniques!
There are no quick fixes that can solve all of our problems and make all of our stress and emotions just disappear, however there is a power tool that can help you to save your time, energy, and resources in solving the right problems and make the changes you’re looking for. It’s yours when you work with us doing Breakthrough Sessions online.

Extraordinary Stress Relief

Being personally empowered is a lifestyle along our lifelong journey, it’s not an event. At Breakthrough Mindsets we utilize and capitalize on how the mind actually works.  Your mind is already working perfectly. All you have to do is learn how to use it in a way that works, that produces extraordinary results.  Like anything else we get good at, with practice, as our skills evolve, so do our results.

This is not just about learning new understanding and awareness. This is about gaining new experience, taking action, and developing new skills with the right guide to produce extraordinary results with lasting changes.

Change Your Conditioning

We begin the process by accepting the challenge of learning and evolving how to create our own experiences specifically, rather than relying on our old default emotional conditioning. Then we all want to feel good about ourselves, lives, careers, and relationships. Furthermore, we want to feel like we are living our full potential, to experience a deep, rich, satisfying life.

Stress Relief Manual For The Brain

Let me ask you, were you ever given a user’s manual for your life?  How about the manual for how the mind works, or emotions, or how the mind-body connection works?  Has anyone ever sat down with you to help explain how to go from where you are to where you want to be?  What about someone ever explaining to you why we act and feel the way we do in a way that makes sense, and more importantly, how to change?  It’s not that we’re broken or defective. It’s that we’ve been using a broken and outdated model of how to live our lives that was never designed to give us what we really want and need.

Most Stress Relief Techniques Are Just Coping Techniques

We condition ourselves and live our lives with this underlying sense of feeling trapped, alone, deprived, and empty. Moreover, we end up spending large quantities of money, time, and energy trying to solve the wrong problems. As a result, we focus on the symptoms of a problem that we can’t quite put our fingers on. Meanwhile, we find ourselves endlessly grasping and trying to get enough so we can finally be happy and enjoy life.

We compulsively hang on to what we do have so that we don’t lose it, even if it’s bad, wrong, or horrible. In doing so, we experience a massive distraction of disconnect, and then feeling fragmented, ineffective and unhappy, pouring all of our energy into trying to get what we want. In like manner, we never get what we want by creating severely unresourceful, attitudes, and states of mind. Meanwhile, we separate ourselves from who we really are, leaving us feeling stuck in a stressful, threatening, combative, and seemingly dangerous world.

When You Are Hanging On For Dear Life - Stress Relief Therapy from Breakthrough Mindsets to the Rescue

How To Beat Stress and Break The Stress Cycle

The human body goes under immense stress as we play out the old roles we were forced to play, thereby, following the rules that we were taught to follow, being made responsible for how others feel, and how others perceived us to be.  It’s the stress of coping by living this way, with thoughts and beliefs that are not in our best interest, and the way we’ve learned to give our power away that renders us ineffective at enjoying our lives and others. This is just one small example of the amazing power of the mind working against itself!

All of that can turn around and change with Breakthrough Sessions

In conclusion, personal freedom comes when we let go of how we create stress. Then we can break free, transform, and love life.  If you’d like help, you’ll want to click on the button below.

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