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Overcoming Anxiety

Having anxiety means experiencing worry, discomfort, or nervousness about some impending threat from an event or the environment combined with a pre-assumed or uncertain outcome. This anxiety can seem overwhelming and impossible to overcome. The good news is that all of this happens completely in the brain.  Anxiety, depression, and worry, all of it is a 100% mental phenomenon that can be changed.

What we realized is that if we can create it, we can change it, and we did! We discovered that we didn’t have anxiety, we produced it. With a little Breakthrough Mindset Brain Training, we learned to produce different results.

All anxiety starts in the mind.  The mind is the source of 100% of all anxiety.  There is only one way to feel anxious. Anxiety must be successfully produced in order to feel it.

This content is just for you if you want to learn about controlling your thoughts, feelings, and your own reactions to your thoughts and feelings.

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By |May 3rd, 2019|Categories: Overcoming Anxiety|

A person who is experiencing intense feelings of anxiety and worry for more than six months is most likely suffering from severe chronic anxiety symptoms. Here are seven self-help tips that will stop anxiety naturally, to help control and deal with anxiety and stress.

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