Stress Relief for Kids

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Stress relief for kids: You know how your kids get fearful, scared, and worried about going to school, anxious about tests or bothered by other kids as well as other social pressures. Anxiety, worry, and fear is a normal part of childhood. Sometimes a child may need help if his anxiety is out of proportion, if it persists, or if it interferes with his or her life and healthy development.

We are passionate about empowering our clients and helping them to break through the negative effects of stress, anxiety, worry, and fear, so they can unlock their greatest potential, then taking that potential and turning it into committed action.

Teach Children How to Develop Basic Emotional Skills

I’m Kim Ryder the author of I can change the way I feel. This little book teaches children how to develop basic emotional skills, and will help your child let go of anxiety, worry, and fear. They can make better choices and release stress from peer pressure, siblings and pressure from the changes that occur growing up that affect the way they feel. This is going to give you more quality time and the ability to raise adaptable confident kids with better focus.

The Book That Gives Freedom to Kids So They Can Just Be Kids

This book will also help you provide a healthier safer environment for growth, so they have the freedom to be kids and can do what they do best, learn to grow and play. This will also help them learn self-control, self-respect, confidence, and feel good about being themselves.

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Stress Relief for Kids

It’s not stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it. ~ Hans Selye

Everything in The Mind-Body System is Affected by Stress

It’s important to realize that stress is the body’s reaction to perception. To overcome the effects of stress, you have to look at not what is creating the stress, but how you are specifically creating the stress. Stress is an internal creation that is triggered by thoughts, feelings, behaviors and our perception of our circumstances. Everybody is different and unique but what we all have in common is the ability to create stress in our lives.

Everything in the mind-body system is affected by stress and nothing is left out. Each and every one of our body’s systems is affected by stress, and that can also affect our moods, behaviors and emotional reactions. The way we react in certain situations starts in childhood and becomes habitual. Unless we learn how to deal with our stress, anxiety, worry, or fears early on, we will often carry them into adulthood.

Unresolved Childhood Issues and Traumas Can Be Resolved

In our clinic, 97% of all my adult clients had unresolved childhood issues or traumas that were not addressed before working with me. These clients were still being affected by the events and circumstances that happened decades ago. Many of their choices and decisions had negative effects on their lives until they were able to release them in private session work.  Then they were able to get their life on track again and feel more at peace with themselves.

A Step-by-Step Guide for Showing Children How to Let Go of Stress and Tension

My little book teaches children a step-by-step guild for letting go of stress and tension and helps them change the way they feel. The process I teach can help them overcome all sorts of issues from bad dreams, worries about school, illness, fears, anxiety and other childhood trauma’s. Children now have a tool they can use for themselves.

Learn How to Release Stress

If you are struggling with anxiety, worry or fear, we can help you to break through those barriers and stop anxiety, worry, and fear from controlling your life. Then you’ll be free to move on to the next level to accomplish your dreams and goals. We can help you be in alignment with who you are and make sure you are going in the direction you want to take that will lead you to true fulfillment and purpose.

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